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    New to Magic Tricks and Magicians

    New to Magic Tricks and Magicians
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    $ 7.95 USD

    A full time professional, Chris Wood is the creator and director of the highly successful "Close-Up @ The Magic Circle" show as well as The Magic Circle Foundation charity. With a focus on educating the public about magic as a...

    $ 7.95 USD

    Nick Einhorn: Nick is absolutely amazing. Having fooled Penn & Teller on the famous UK show, 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us', Nick is bringing you a lecture that you will not forget. Having authored numerous books and magic effects...

    $ 195.00 USD

      Contact us prior to transacting Great new style! This set can be shown on both sides! yes that's right you can show both sides of the coins as you make them appear! Get them before they disappear. Part 1: The...

    $ 2.95 USD

    The Zoso Change is an extremely easy to do visual color change of one card into another and back again. As a bonus, on the tutorial, Doc teaches his Paft Change, a method for changing a single card three times....

    $ 3.95 USD

    A unique move that let's you force any card you want. This could be done with any deck or any shuffled deck. This download comes with a BONUS move that let's you change a card visually and could used as...

    $ 14.95 USD

    It's been said that while others saw a block of marble, Michelangelo saw the figure of David. Similarly, Joe Karson saw a vision of a floating ball in a plumbing fixture and subsequently created one of the most popular magic...

    $ 13.90 USD

    The mentalist asks the spectator to think of their zodiac sign or the sign of a person with whom he has a special connection. The mentalist then takes a card which shows a "medallion" showing all the signs of the...

    $ 9.95 USD

    Would you like to make cards magically rise, jump, and appear instantly? How about with only one gimmick? Zinger allows you to do the impossible. The effects look like pure magic, and are incredibly visual! Zinger is a stealthy utility...

    $ 6.95 USD

    HERE YOU GOT A MIRACLE GRAVITY EFFECT!Visual balance most anything on your fingers. Walk up to a spectator borrow a cell phone, card, cigarette box or any small object and balance it under impossible conditions on your fingers. NO STRINGS...

    $ 15.00 USD

    Introducing Zephyr...A revolutionized PK concept that allows you to be a jedi, give you control over elements, or use it to seemingly call forth a ghost for an opener to any haunted routine.Effects Included:PK Senses - With this concept you...

    $ 3.95 USD

    In this download Jay teaches us a brand new handling for the classic effect Twisting the Aces, while taking the plot to a new level. Using never before card techniques to accomplish such visual magic! * No Gimmicks!

    $ 4.95 USD

    Show an empty box and borrow a coin then place the coin on the top of deck and with a rub the coin vanishes! It then amazingly appears inside the card box in a sealed bag. Easy to do.